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Onboarding Software for Success: Ensuring Seasonal Staff Hit the Ground Running

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Every holiday season, the hospitality industry anticipates an uptick in the number of guests, diners and other types of customers. That also comes with a familiar challenge: hiring seasonal workers. From bustling cafes in Sydney’s CBD to beach resorts in Queensland, the demand for temporary staff spikes dramatically. Given that you can hire seasonal workers quickly, the next challenge lies in onboarding them. How can you ensure your influx of temporary workers is quickly and effectively integrated into your team, especially when time is a luxury you can’t afford?

The Challenges of Onboarding Seasonal Staff

Unlike permanent hires, seasonal staffing requires quick familiarisation. The challenge, however, is that traditional onboarding methods can be too time-consuming and often inadequate for the unique demands of temporary staff. Seasonal workers need to be up to speed swiftly. They must learn their duties immediately, hit the ground running and start contributing value right away.

Fortunately, this is where onboarding software becomes invaluable. With digital features and automated onboarding workflows, such solutions can help get seasonal hires up to operating speed, allowing hotels, resorts, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs & clubs to focus on serving customers during their busiest time of year.

Reaping the Benefits of Onboarding Software for Seasonal Hiring

Want to know exactly how HR onboarding software in Australia can help you with your seasonal hiring and onboarding? Here are some benefits you can enjoy:

Accelerated Learning Curve

Onboarding software provides quick, interactive learning experiences. The result? Your seasonal staff can hit the ground running and start contributing immediately.

Streamlined Administration

The logistics of hiring en masse can overwhelm your HR department. Onboarding software simplifies this with features like applicant tracking and shortlisting, making the process less of a logistical nightmare and more of a strategic business effort.

Consistent Information Dissemination

Regardless of their permanency, all staff should receive the same level of training and business information. With the best onboarding system, you can guarantee and enforce this uniformity. Making sure everyone is on the same page is crucial, especially during the busiest time of the year.

Enhanced Engagement

It’s no secret that engaged employees are effective workers. Today’s software for onboarding new employees can include interactive modules, videos & quizzes that make learning about the company culture and job responsibilities more engaging.

Better Tracking and Feedback

Onboarding systems often come with tools to track progress and gather feedback. This data can be critical for continually improving your onboarding process.

Short-Term Hires Can Still Have a Long-Term Impact

Even though seasonal employees will likely be with your business for just a brief period, their influence can extend far beyond their short tenure. Remember that a temporary staff member can leave a lasting impression on your business’s reputation and customer satisfaction. For instance, a seasonal worker in a resort during the Christmas rush can significantly enhance customer experience, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. So, it pays to onboard short-term hires properly.

Moreover, onboarding these seasonal workers correctly can offer a unique opportunity to identify potential talent for future long-term roles or another batch of seasonal hiring. You can build a solid talent pool; you can simply tap into your previous holiday workers if you need to bolster your staff during the tourist season.

Ready to Switch to Onboarding Software? Use SaucedIt!

Designed specifically for those in Australia’s hospitality industry, SaucedIt stands out as an optimal choice for onboarding seasonal staff. It covers every aspect of the onboarding process and offers the following features:

  • Applicant Tracking and Shortlisting: SaucedIt simplifies the initial stages of hiring. With its efficient applicant tracking system, you can easily manage a large pool of applicants, ensuring you pick the best line cooks, waitstaff, receptionists or baristas for your seasonal needs.

  • Streamlined Onboarding Process: From digital contracts to interactive training modules, SaucedIt makes the onboarding process smooth and efficient. Your seasonal staff can start their journey with your establishment even before they officially clock in for their first shift.

  • Off-boarding Ease: When the season winds down, SaucedIt also assists with the off-boarding process, making it a seamless transition for both your business and the temporary staff.

When the holiday season rolls around, and you’re looking at a mountain of seasonal hiring for your hospitality business, remember that the right onboarding software can be a game-changer. SaucedIt, with its comprehensive set of features, is tailored to meet the unique challenges of seasonal staffing in the hospitality industry. It’s time to revolutionise how you onboard your seasonal workforce—it’s time to get SaucedIt.

Book a FREE demo today and see for yourself how great SaucedIt is.

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