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Our Customers

The SaucedIt offering is a broad suite of solutions that are delivered to different customers based on their individual requirements but also by things that, through the very nature of their existence require multiple solutions based on things like size, risk factors and most of all how large they want to grow. SaucedIt aims to be the swiss army knife of the SME world.

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Oscars Group

The Problem

Oscars wanted an onboarding system with a strong focus on compliance. They also required a solution that dove-tailed with their existing payroll solution. This was to be rolled- out to over 1500 staff with different brands from Novotel to  Oakwood to Palm Bay resort in the Whitsundays.

The Solution

 We centralised their onboarding processes and moved all document control online. We offered a suite of employment contracts, policies and procedures that are designed for a rapidly expanding enterprise that values its employees. We also supplied a WHS framework with documents and corresponding inductions.

We are currently rolling a mobile app that will give all managers visibility over all staff and will enable them to rate staff, raise hazards, and incidents and communicate with their teams in real-time. 


Public House Management Group

The Problem

PHMG wanted to have visibility over their employees particularly when venues re-opened after the COVID-19 lockdown. They also required a  payroll solution that included time and attendance and rostering.

The Solution

SaucedIt's dashboard that displays an employee's RSA and RCG qualifications and expiry dates was expanded to include COVID vaccination certificates. Their management took this compliance very seriously, policed this, and validated each employee's certificates. This culture of compliance and safety carries on systematically today as the injury register is regularly used to record hazards and near misses. 

PHMG also implemented the SaucedItPay payroll solution that includes a time and attendance system. This can be linked to an APP portal for employees to apply for leave, see leave balances as well access rosters and clock in and clock out.

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Brickfield Hospitality Group

The Problem

Brickfield Hospitality Group has a very strong emphasis on building a positive culture within their business. Training and development is a particular requirement of theirs in which they have developed group-specific materials. This is called Brickfield Bricks. Brickfield also wanted to be proactive when it came to compliance with liquor licensing laws by offering regular refresher courses.

The Solution

SaucedIt provides the platform to deliver their in-house training which includes induction, refresher courses and service training.

SaucedIt also supplies all group-specific policy documents  such as  







All of these policies are acknowledged by the employee and form the basis of consistency and transparency for all members of staff, which leads to a high level of morale and a much-reduced staff turnover.

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