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8 things to look for in a Time and attendance system for hospitality businesses.

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Many modern time and attendance systems come in various different forms, which makes choosing the right option often a tough decision. However, knowing what you want to do with your business can help steer you on the right course. If you are happy to own a one-venue cafe or you want to become a Merivale equivalent will determine what system you will need to grow with.

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Below we have listed some of the functions and features that you want to be looking for:

  1. Employee rostering solutions – when choosing a time and attendance system, you need to look for a solution that has an easy-to-use rostering system. You want your managers who essentially formulate the shifts to have an easy job doing this. Which leads to fewer errors and a happier workplace. Having time and attendance and rosters is a virtual must-have as it reduces the need for multiple platforms which can be very frustrating and time-consuming.

  2. Able to track across multiple locations – due to the nature of hospitality and the way groups are evolving to have multiple locations and skill gaps across all of them, you need to have a system that not only tracks your employees and their hours but also tracks this across multiple locations.

  3. Geo-location and images- Many modern platforms have location tracking in-built. This means that you can tell where an employee was when they logged in for a shift (used mainly in mobile applications). Many employers are going back to having a device at the venue dedicated to clocking on and off due to many employees not signing on and off on their phones which has to be corrected by payroll and hrs departments making the whole process much less efficient. Most solutions ask for an image of the employee logging in.

  4. Shift costs by roster- Many modern rosters have a feature that allows an employer to view the labour cost of a particular shift prior to it starting. Obviously, this is important on weekends and Public holidays as labour costs can add up with shift penalties and allowances being significant.

  5. Accurate tracking – time and attendance systems need to accurately track time to ensure accuracy as well as allow for obviously scheduling and rostering. Being able to compare the number of hours scheduled to the number of actual hours worked can impact your profit. You can then use this information to streamline your team for maximum efficiency.

  6. Ease of use for Management and employees – you need to look for a solution that is user-friendly for the roster allocator, it must be accessible (mobile friendly), and easy for all employees to use.

  7. Integrations or end to end – the solution chosen should seamlessly and automatically integrate with your payroll software and Human Resource programs. However many businesses are looking for solutions that offer an end-to-end solution. If you are a business that intends to grow into multiple locations. It is very important to look at a solution that can grow with you. Some businesses like Saucedit offer Saucedit Pay as a time and attendance platform with the ability to have a powerful HRIS solution added on as you scale.

  8. Award interpretation- Rostering and time and attendance are only a small piece of the hospitality employment puzzle. Paying staff correctly is the biggest issue facing modem employers in all industries. Regular reporting through single-touch payroll has led to a string of highly publicized prosecutions for employers in the hospitality industry. Award interpretation lets employers have the award rates correctly allocated for the shifts being undertaken. Thus avoiding any unnecessary bad press.

The result of all of these tools is essentially a reduction in human error, as these processes are automated. This means fewer errors related to calculation of pays, a lower risk of non-compliance and bad-press, but should above all add improved efficiency.

In conclusion, by choosing one solution that fulfils all your needs and integrates into your current systems, you can save money and boost, morale, and productivity and streamline your business. The benefits to your business are massive when choosing the right time and attendance system. So choose wisely.

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